Representative Kunesh- Podein is working with the For Jake’s Sake Foundation to author a legislative bill
for this next legislative session. Jake’s bill is to develop a comprehensive, evidence-based substance
(drug) misuse prevention curriculum for 5 th -12 grade.

Opiates (pain killers and heroin) deaths have risen more than 500 percent between 2000 and 2015.

Every day 4000, twelve – seventeen year olds use drugs for the first time. Today we are at a record high
of 16.5% increase of admissions for addictions with 37% of those being from individuals under 26 years
of age and having a heroin addiction.

Our children do not understand how dangerous these drugs (pain killers and heroin) can be. These are
not like alcohol or marijuana in that you can have multiple experiences. Once can be fatal.
The drug awareness/chemical health prevention curriculum in our schools are outdated and not
addressing this family of drugs. Every school district can utilize a variety of curriculum creating a huge
disparity in the quality of instruction as well as the frequency and intensity of the topic area.
We need your help to support this upcoming bill. Here’s how:

  1. Call your legislator and tell them to support this bill in February 2018.
    a. Support a statewide curriculum that is evidence-based and comprehensive providing the
    parents tools to know how to talk to their children; teachers who are equipped to teach
    their students about the dangers of drugs and teaches students coping skills and how to
    say no to peer pressure; coaches who understand the significance of how pain killers
    impact the brain and become highly addictive.
  2. Donate to the For Jake’s Sake Foundation to assist in their statewide community assessments
    through a variety of organizations. Donate – For Jake Sake Foundation
  3. Donate to the For Jake’s Sake Foundation for the creation/development of the curriculum
    prototype to be presented to the legislators. Donate – For Jake Sake Foundation
  4. Join our task force to get the word out that we want statewide health standards as it relates to
    substance misuse for all school districts across MN. Contact For Jake Sake Foundation

Help us save our greatest asset (our youth) from heroin and opiod addiction. You can be the change that saves a life!